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My brother, a police sergeant, and I are very close. I have spent many hours listening to his stories about his law enforcement work and cases in which he has been involved. From serial killers to domestic violence, his adventures have always fascinated me. I have drawn heavily on his experiences to write my detective mysteries and continue to pick his brain about police procedures and activity. Many of my scenes are his stories.

I enjoy exchanging communications with other authors and my readers.

Thank you so much for all the feedback, wonderful words of encouragement and for buying my books.

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By D.J. Jouett

This book has it all Action, Adventure, & Romance. When soldier of fortune Sloan Cartwright awakens in an African hospital with no memory, he is astounded to find three beautiful women claiming to be his wife. An attempt on his life makes him realize that his biggest problem is not which woman is his wife, but who wants to kill him and why. He discovers that he holds secrets that will topple governments and bring down illegal poachers in Africa. The only problem is that Sloan canít remember where he hid the evidence. Sloan quickly realizes that he must trust one of the women to help him escape Africa. Which one will it be? Wife Number One: Amarosia (Amy) Cartwright, a beautiful Halle Berry look-a-like who tells Sloan that they have been married for five years and make their home in Africa. Wife Number Two: Leigh Redding Cartwright, blonde, wholesome, girl-next-door beauty who obviously adores Sloan and claims they have been married for seven years and live in New York. Wife Number Three: Alexandra Roland Cartwright, gorgeous international business mogul who has flown into Africa to take her husband home with her. Sloan isnít sure it is him the women want or the evidence he has hidden. You will laugh and cheer for Sloan as he juggles the three beauties while trying to stay alive and escape from a country where everyone wants him dead.


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